Sieffert's Farm Market
   Lazo & Tyee Farm Ltd.
        10am to 6pm  Late May to August 31st
            10am to 5pm   September 1st to November 10th
7 days a week inc. holidays

Lazo & Tyee Farms Ltd (Sieffert's Farm)

Covid-19 policy for the Market


  • During this time we have taken all information into account and have, with guidance from Worksafe B.C and in compliance with Public health, implemented our Covid-19 plan.
  • Masks are mandatory in our market as per the public health guideline.
  • Please sanitize your hands before entering the market. A bottle of hand sanitizer is available for your use at the entrance.

  • We are implementing one directional travel through the market and ask that we are all respectful of others and the physical distancing guidelines of 6ft.
  • All of our staff will be wearing masks and have been trained in the use of their PPE. We will also practice physical distancing as we work in the market.

  • There may be small waits to enter the markets, or for us to stock shelves in an effort to maintain physical distancing.
  • When possible please consider bringing only necessary people with you shopping as our capacity is limited.

  • Please only touch what you intend to purchase.

  • At any time if the risk for Covid-19 increases we will modify our operations to reflect the increased risk.

  • Thank you for your understanding and Patience.