Sieffert's Farm Market
   Lazo & Tyee Farm Ltd.
        10am to 6pm Late May to September 30th
            10am to 5pm October 1st to November 10th
7 days a week inc. holidays

Lazo & Tyee Farms Ltd (Sieffert's Farm)

Covid-19 policy for the Market Reopening 


During this time we have taken all information into account and have, with guidance from Worksafe B.C and in compliance with Public health, implemented our Covid-19 reopening plan.

Please sanitize your hands before entering the market. A bottle of hand sanitizer is available for your use at the entrance.

All touch surfaces and high touch areas are to be sanitized regularly and documented on the cleaning chart.

We are implementing one directional travel through the market and ask that we are all respectful of others and the required physical distancing guidelines of 6ft.

After serving a customer the staff will sanitize the Debit and credit card machine, the counter at the till, the scale, and practice hand hygiene to help ensure a high standard of cleanliness. All shopping baskets will be sanitized between customers.

At this time we are unable to pack your groceries into reusable bags.

All of our staff will be wearing masks and have been trained in the use of their PPE. We will also practice physical distancing as we work in the market.

There may be small waits to enter the markets, or for us to stock shelves in an effort to maintain physical distancing.

We appreciate if you choose to wear a mask in an effort to maintain everyone's safety. This is however not mandatory.

When possible please consider bringing only necessary people with you shopping as our capacity is limited.

Please only touch what you intend to purchase.

At any time if the risk for Covid-19 increases we will modify our operations to reflect the increased risk.

Thank you for your understanding and Patience.