Sieffert's Farm Market
   Lazo & Tyee Farm Ltd.
        10am to 6pm  Late May to August 31st
            10am to 5pm   September 1st to November 10th
7 days a week inc. holidays



Norm and Jean Sieffert moved from Victoria to start farming on Knight Rd. in Comox in 1959 where they purchased the first 8 acres.  In 1963 they built their first greenhouse and started producing tomatoes, which also started Jean's love of tomato plants.  Over the next few years more greenhouses were built and more land was acquired for vegetable production. Most of their crops were sold through the island vegetable co-op, grocery stores and, their front porch. During the weekdays customers used to also drive out to the greenhouses and honk their horn so Jean in the greenhouse would come and sell them a cucumber.    In 1975 Norm and Jean opened the market at it’s present location.  

In 1981 the farm incorporated and became Lazo & Tyee Farm Ltd. but everyone still knows it as Sieffert’s. 

From a young age Bob worked along side his parents on the farm. He has often reminisced those are some of his favourite memories. Upon graduation he continued working and met his wife Charlene when she came to work on the farm at the age of 17. Char worked closely with Jean for many years learning everything she could.

Chris Edwards started working on the farm when he was 16 years old digging ditches with Norm on the Merville farm. He has become a fixture on the farm for his tireless energy, quick wit and great sense of humor. He also has a truly artistic eye and wonderful woodworking skill adding so many of the beautiful touches to the current market, and all around the farm.

When Norm passed away in 1999, Bob and Charlene Sieffert, with Chris Edwards as a partner in the farm, continued as the second generation. Over the years they have added more land and tried to continue to make improvements and learn something new each year.  

We now have a 3rd Generation working and learning with us, while the 4th generation grows up playing in the fields.

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Pictures of the Farm (15 Photos)